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Way of the Dodo
by Brian Gott

Way of the Dodo chronicles the ongoing adventures of Oswald T. Dodo -- fish out of water, dreamer, inventor, and corporate cog. But mostly corporate cog.
At the end of January 2007, I had to put Way of the Dodo on hold due to a family medical crisis. Now it's back in "indefinite hiatus" mode.

Comic for Saturday , April 5 , 2008

(I guess I can put this back up, now that Shareapic is up and running again.)
Yeah, the new reborn Amateur Night didn't last very long. Still, I've got the thumbnails of the first five finished cartoons. You can click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

I'd like to come back to Amateur Night. Heck, I'd like to come back to Dodo if time (and money) would just permit it!
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Look, I'm drawing cartoons again! Plan B by Some Guy HIM again?

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January 21, 2008


Although I'm not currently drawing Dodo, I've begun posting galleries of my past cartooning work offsite. You can find the complete Plan B syndication submission package here. In addition, I'm building a Way of the Dodo mirror archive here.


I've started a new Web comic! Well, re-started an old comic as a Webcomic, anyway.
    As some of you might recall from my About the Author page, before Way of the Dodo, I drew samples of a single panel gag cartoon I called Amateur Night. It died a quick death, only to be reborn as Plan B.
    That was around the same time that I first discovered Web comics, in fact. I'm not sure why I thought that Amateur Night couldn't be a Web comic.
    Well, now it's getting its chance. I've begun posting the first cartoons of the new Amateur Night.
    Amateur Night is being brought to you by the good people at Shareapic.net. This is a Website I found a while back, that lets you post an image gallery online. (So far, there seem to be more celebrity-photo galleries than anything else.) Then, any time anyone views those pictures, you get a small amount of money. It's not a whole lot, but with lots of people viewing lots of images, it will add up over time.
    Click on the thumbnails below to go to the first sample. And click here to sign up with Shareapic. (Moving forward, I'll probably put up a page on the Dodo site with thumbnails of all the Plan B cartoons on it.)

December 8, 2007

No, wait, that's not right . . .

Are you familiar with Blingo? It's a search engine run by Google and Publisher's Clearing House. (Yes, those guys who run around in the minivan giving money to people who aren't you.)
    Anyway, this site works pretty much like Google, with one major difference. If you create an account with the site (which is free, by the way), then your first search of the day enters you in the next PCH $10 Million drawing. On top of this, any other searches you do during the day give you a chance to win other prizes.
    (And if you join Blingo through through one of these links, and you win a prize, so do I! You can do your online searching, maybe win a prize, and show how much you miss Oswald all at the same time!)

August 4, 2007

(Or not -- what do I know from cool?)

I just found this the other day at National Geographic's Website. Researchers in Mauritius recently found a well-preserved Dodo skeleton. Unlike the remains that have been found in the past, this one is in good enough condition that they might be able to extract some DNA samples. (Maybe there'll be a "Dodo Park" somewhere down the line?) You can read about it here.

June 25, 2007

Things are crazy hectic right now. Way of the Dodo will resume if/when they've calmed down to the point where I can give this comic the time and attention that it would take to do it right.



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