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Way of the Dodo by Brian Gott

Sunday Comics Index

I thought I would provide an index for easy access to those intermittent Sunday strips. Wasn't that thoughtful? You're welcome.
The newest strip is at the top of the list, by the way.

September 19, 2006: This edition is rated ARR!!!
September 11, 2006: Recap: The story so far (experiment)
May 5, 2006: Online Comic Day '06

July 3, 2005: Six Last Words
June 12, 2005: Dress Codes
May 5, 2005: Online Comic Day '05
April 10, 2005: Network speed
March 6, 2005: Bananas
February 6, 2005: Super Bowl '05

February 29, 2004: Jargon For Beginners
February 25, 2004: The Neighbor's Dog
February 20, 2004: Writer's Block
February 17, 2004: Coffee Break

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